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In 1888 the Box Elder Academy was established, it being the first and only school of higher education in the county. It was housed in an unused building erected by the Co-op. This rock building had formerly housed a hat factory and a shoe and harness manufacturing business. It was located on the corner of Fourth East and Forest where the Box Elder Middle School gymnasium stood until 2012. The school operated for four or five years before being discontinued in 1893.


John S. Bingham was employed to continue secondary education and served as teacher-principal during the 1894-95 school year. He conducted classes in the same building which had housed the academy. The two following seasons higher education classes were conducted in the Whittier School. It remained in the Whittier School until 1901 when it was moved to the Central School Building.[1] [2]


The following is quoted from the “100 Year Centennial Celebration” - Jay Stuart, Principal:

“On September 23, 1894, Brigham City High School was founded. ‘Box Elder High School’ officially became the new name for the high school replacing Brigham City High School on July 8, 1907. The first Graduation Ceremony for the new Box Elder High School was held on May 13, 1908 and included five graduates.”


With the consolidation of Box Elder School District on July 20, 1907, a new era of school construction ensued throughout the county. The original Box Elder High School classroom section was completed in 1909 followed by the auditorium and gymnasium in 1912. This building was located on Fourth East and Forest Street and was a county high school until 1918 when Bear River High School was established. A classroom addition was added to the east portion of the building at this time, and the junior high school was moved from the Whittier School and consolidated with the high school. Additional facilities were added during the 1920's and 30's to house farm mechanics, a modern gymnasium, and science building. The school district also acquired the original LDS seminary building constructed in 1915 to house the music department and became known as the “band room.”

A new modern high school was constructed at 380 South 600 West and opened in the 1961-62 school year. The junior high school remained in the original facilities until 1965 when the new junior high building was constructed on the same site as the original building.


In 2010, new facilities were erected on the current site and replaced a good portion of the original buildings. The auditorium, gymnasium, farm mechanics shop, and natatorium were retained. Facilities to house classrooms, administration, media, and athletic fields were included in the new construction.

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